Best Sleeper Sofa With Traditional Look in 2024

Best Sleeper Sofa With A Traditional Look in 2024


  1. 4 Best Traditional Style Sleeper Sofas
  2. Gloria Queen Loveseat Sleeper Sofa
  3. New York Full Size Sleeper Sofa
  4. Charleston King Sleeper Sofa
  5. Noah Sectional Sofa Sleeper
  6. Final Words

Looking for a sleeper sofa in traditional style? Before getting into the details of choosing the best one, let's talk about the word "traditional."

Many assume that a traditional or old-school-style sofa bed screams that it is a bed in disguise. Well, no. It's not true. Traditional sofa beds have a simple look but ooze charm and whisper comfort.

This styled sofa bed features rolled arms, nail-head trims, and maybe some intricate woodwork that gives the sleeper sofa that classic appeal. But it's not just about looks. The real magic begins when you convert the sleeper sofa into a bed and turn it into a comfortable sleeping spot.

So, in a nutshell, what makes a traditional-looking sleeper sofa different and unique is its ability to play the dual role of style icon and undercover bed with a wink to the past.

Now you are convinced that a traditional styled sleeper sofa bed is worth giving it a try. But where will you get it? Don’t you get overwhelmed with the numerous options? Fret not. We have hand-picked and listed four sofa beds with their features. Keep scrolling!

4 Best Traditional Style Sleeper Sofas In 2024

1. Gloria Queen Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

Gloria Queen Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

The Gloria Queen Loveseat Sleeper Sofa is a living example of evergreen culture and can rightly be called the best traditional sleeper sofa. With the most traditional roll-arm sofas, the sofa provides comfort both while sitting and sleeping.

The making of the sofa feels purely like a nest—a combination of sofa and sleeper. The plush seats of the sofa are quite relaxing and shape-taking (without compromising the looks), which feels like a soft hug to the body.

Moreover, the sophistication of the sleeper sofa is something you cannot avoid. The look and color palette of the sleeper sofa will bring all the elements of your place together.

Whether it is a random get-together at your place or an impromptu sleepover planned at your place, the sofa will definitely be your savior, get you compliments, give you a comforting stay, and you are sure to be thankful for it.


  • It comes with wooden legs for extra stability and aesthetics.
  • Optional USB charging ports add convenience.
  • A dual-motion sleeper promotes versatility in use.
  • Foam mattress (5 in./12 cm thickness) for comfortable sleep
  • The nest mechanism supports leg assembly for enhanced stability.

Why Should You Buy This Sleeper Sofa?

If you are on the hunt for the best loveseat sleeper sofa in traditional style with a dual-motion sleeper that oozes comfort and style and looks elegant, take a quick look at Luonto's Gloria Queen loveseat sleeper sofa.

2. New York Full Size Sleeper Sofa

New York Full Size Sleeper Sofa

The New York full-size affordable sleeper sofa is going to be your favorite place to crash (even if you have a bed at your place). With its full-size memory foam mattress, the sleeper sofa will be bliss for you and your guests.

It can open in one move and is still unique, traditional, and sophisticated thanks to its straight and sleek arms. Its easy-open function makes converting the sofa into a bed a breeze. No sweat! So, it is perfect in terms of use, comfort, and durability.

The sleeper sofa is made of premium-quality 4-inch-thick memory foam, which makes your sleeping time more comfortable. The best part about the sleeper sofa is that it takes just enough space in the room to give comfort, stand out, and leave the room spacious too. Last but not least, the affordable price of the sleeper sofa is just the cherry on top.


  • With an easy-open function, transforming your sofa is a breeze.
  • Includes two matching bolster pillows for enhanced comfort.
  • There is no need to remove the back cushions while converting into a bed.
  • 4-inch thick memory foam premium mattress for good sleep
  • arms are sleek and straight for extra arm support.

Why Should You Buy This Sleeper Sofa?

For under $1500, this traditional-style sleeper sofa is a steal, considering the easy open mechanism and full-size memory foam mattress. It goes well with your apartment space, or you simply don't have to deal with any space constraints anymore. Grab this sofa bed before it goes out of stock.

3. Charleston King Sleeper Sofa

Charleston King Sleeper Sofa in Gray Goose Color

The Charleston King Sleeper Sofa, in its gray goose color, is the definition of a classy sofa sleeper in a traditional style. Its space maximization combines style and comfort. Even with its modern technology of no-sag spring suspension and certiPUR-certified, cold-cured HR foam in the cushions, its traditional aesthetic and forever durable nature are unavoidable.

This sofa bed comes with a level function where you must remove the back cushions, lift the mattress from under the front of the seat and lower the seat. Since it comes with gas spring technology, it offers an assisted open and soft close. So, no dealing with loud noise during the sofa-to-bed conversion.

This is one of the traditional sleeper sofas that are quite good-looking and comforting for even frequent nights of sleeping. Thanks to its five inches foam mattress.


  • Gas spring assist for soft close prevents heavy, loud closing
  • Foam mattress with 5 inches of thickness for optimal comfort
  • High-resilience foam for long-lasting support
  • Rolled arms in traditional style improve aesthetics.
  • Level function for easy sofa to bed conversion

Why Should You Buy This Sleeper Sofa?

The sleeper sofa in a traditional look definitely pulls the elements of your interior together with its gray tone. It’s suitable for the most vintage aesthetics as well as the most modern aesthetics. Also, it makes the room more appealing and spacious for everyone who lays their eyes on it in the room.

4. Noah Sectional Sofa Sleeper

Noah 3- Seater Sectional Sofa Sleeper With Reversible Chaise

The Noah 3-seater sectional sofa sleeper with reversible chaise is literally a dream come true (especially for families). If you have a lot of kids or families visiting, this 3-seater sleeper sofa is your go-to place. With its dark color and storage space, it becomes child-friendly (less stains, obviously).

It has adjustable cushions that give you extra lumbar support, so there is no issue with sitting for longer hours. This design is based on simplicity, minimalism, functionality, and, hence, the traditional approach.

This sofa bed in traditional style comes with a flip function for sofa-to-bed conversion that promotes an arm-to-arm sleeper function. Since there's already a sofa chaise, you must just pull the mattress on the other two seats and make it even.

So, to convert into a bed, you must lift the seat back and pull the mattress from under the front of the seat. Next, take a few steps back and put it in place.


  • Reversible chaises with storage for space optimization and clutter reduction
  • The high-back, low-back design offers posture support.
  • Insertable lumbar cushions give customizable support.
  • Doubles as a triple chaise for flexible seating arrangements.
  • High-resilience foam mattress with 5 inches of thickness

Why Should You Buy This Sleeper Sofa?

The traditional style sofa bed features give you access to the traditional essence of sleeper sofas, yet their features, like their reversible nature, easy-to-flip stance, and amazing sophisticated looks, are just the slight modern touch to meet your modern needs.

Final Words

You have got your buddies coming over and you are super excited. But then you remember that you don't have a spare guest room.

No more worrying about such situations because this is where the magical sleeper sofa in a traditional style comes in. It can satisfy your sofa and bed needs. Do you ask why the traditional look?

Well, think about it. A traditional-style sleeper sofa not only serves as a functional space-saver, but it also adds timeless class wherever it is placed.

We have listed our four best sofa beds with a traditional look. All four sofa beds come with an easy-to-open function so you won't complain about the transformation part.