"it's done simply because it's who we are and where we come from"

Our Luonto Heritage, Built-in Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing is deeply rooted in our heritage and reflects our identity. We utilize waste resources like wood dust to create pellets for heating, and collaborate with local artisans to give our scraps a second life, rather than just discarding them.

In Finland, forests are typically harvested once in a span of 80 years, per generation. Our family's forest is approaching the end of its cycle and is soon to be harvested. After that, preparations will be made for the next generation to take care of it until it's ready for another harvest.

For over 400 years, Finland's forest management has been under government regulation, with a focus on sustainable yields for over a century. Our country's forestry land primarily consists of Nordic Spruce, a native species of Northern Europe. Around 70% of Finland's timber production is exported worldwide.

To ensure our continued success, we collaborate with vendors who share our values, reduce our carbon impact, secure our longevity, and provide high-quality functional furniture for generations to come.

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