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Buffet tables and sideboard cabinets easily become awesome sauce additions to any dining room. Be honest, when you think of buying dining room furniture, your mind is mainly focused on the dining table and chair.... Buffet tables and sideboard cabinets easily become awesome sauce additions to any dining room. Be honest, when you think of buying dining room furniture, your mind is mainly focused on the dining table and chair. But then you think about where to store the dining table essentials. This is when you remember these essential pieces of furniture like buffet tables and sideboards. Take a look at our exclusive buffet and sideboard collections, handpicked from top brands. Scroll through our collections. Read More
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      Buffet Tables, Sideboards and Cabinets

      Having a dining table is fine. But buffet tables are perfect when you are hosting a party or a big family dinner. They give you plenty of room to spread out all the food. Thus, it makes it easy for everyone to help themselves. At the end of the day, all you care about is convenience and presentation, right? A buffet table does both beautifully.

      On the other hand, sideboards tend to be the perfect storage solution for stashing all your dining room essentials and keeping them organized and out of sight. You can store your plates, glasses, and those special dining sets you use only for holidays. The added advantage here is that the top surface is perfect for displaying photos, decorations, or even more food when you are hosting.

      Both buffet tables and sideboards make your dining area look polished and put together while making it easier to entertain. If you are hunting for them to upgrade your dining room furniture or buying them for the first time in your new home, our exclusive collections have you covered.


      1. What Is The Purpose Of A Buffet Table?

      A buffet table is primarily used for serving food and drinks during gatherings. You get ample space to lay out dishes and make it easier for guests to serve themselves. It can also serve as an extra dining space or a display area for appetizers and desserts.

      2. How Much Space Should I Leave Around A Buffet Table?

      Though this depends on the size of the buffet table, on average, you should leave at least 3 feet of space around a buffet table. This way, you ensure there’s enough room for guests to move comfortably and serve themselves.

      3. Can A Buffet Table Be Used In Rooms Other Than The Dining Room?

      Why not? Though buffet tables are mainly used in dining rooms, they are versatile enough to fit into living rooms, entryways, or even offices. They also make great side tables or console tables and provide both storage and display surfaces.

      4. How Many Buffet Tables Do I Need?

      Generally, one buffet table is enough for your dining room because it provides ample space for serving food and drinks during gatherings. However, if you have a large dining area or frequently host big events, you might consider adding a second one for extra serving space and storage. It all depends on your space and how you plan to use it.

      5. Can I Use A Buffet Table As A TV stand?

      Yes, you can. Besides being used at your dining table, Buffet tables can make great TV stands. Because they are sturdy and have a nice flat surface for your TV. Plus, you get the added storage bonus underneath for things like media players, game consoles, and DVDs. Just ensure the buffet table's height and width are appropriate for your TV size and the room layout.

      6. How Do I Style A Buffet Table?

      If you have a buffet table where you wish to style the top surface, start with a centerpiece like a vase of flowers or a decorative bowl. Then, add some candles or small decorative items. During events, you can use it to display a variety of foods and drinks attractively.

      7. What Materials Are Buffet Tables Made From?

      Buffet tables are made of materials such as wood, metal, and glass. If you love adding a classic and versatile piece, choose a wooden buffet table. If you want a modern vibe, check out the metal and glass options. You can also look for buffet tables that are made of multiple materials.

      8. What's The Difference Between A Buffet Table And A Sideboard?

      A buffet table and a sideboard might look similar, and the terms are often used interchangeably, but remember that there are some subtle differences.

      For instance, a buffet table is a bit taller and is primarily designed for serving food during gatherings. It often has a longer, flat surface and might include some storage underneath.

      A sideboard is primarily used as a storage piece that's found in dining rooms, but it can also be used in other areas of the home. Sideboards are usually lower and have more cabinets and drawers for storing dining essentials, like plates and linens.

      9. Do People Still Use Sideboards?

      Of course, they do. Did you not search for one now? Though sideboards have been here for a long time, they have become a timeless piece of furniture that has evolved with modern design trends. So, they easily hold a place, especially in dining and living rooms.

      10. What Are The Benefits Of A Sideboard?

      There are several benefits to owning a sideboard besides storage. Often, you pick a sideboard to provide ample space to store dining essentials and keep everything organized and within reach.