Bed Size Guide: How to Choose Luonto Sleeper of Right Size

 If you're in the market for a new sleeper, it's important to make sure you choose the right size mattress. Below are the six standard mattress sizes, from smallest to largest:

Sizes Sleeper Width Ranges Mattress Width / Length

Chair (Cot) Sleepers

33.75" to 44.5" 30" / 74"-81"

Full Sofa Sleepers

86.5" to 87" 55"-56.25" / 74"-80"

Full XL Sofa Sleepers

59" to 98" 50.5"-57.5" / 79"-81"

Queen Sleeper Sofa

63.75" to 75.25" 60" / 80"-82"

King Sleepers Sofa

80" to 91.25" 76" / 80"-81"

Cot are single chairs which can quickly turn to single bed. This size is great for taller teenagers and single adults who have limited space in their room. It's also a common size in college dorms.

Cot mattress

Also known as a double bed, this size is perfect for a single adult of average height or shorter who wants to save some floor space. Two adults can fit on a full size mattress, but it might be a bit cramped.

Full mattress

Similar to a Full size, but with an extra five inches of legroom. Two tall adults can fit on a full XL size mattress, but it might be a bit cramped. Also known as a double bed.

Full XL mattress

Most popular mattress comfortably sleeps two people and fits in most rooms. It's great for single adults who want some extra space as well as couples. It's also a popular choice for guest rooms.

Queen Mattress

Widest mattress size great for two sleepers who want room for a child or pet. It's also a good choice for a big guest bedroom or for living room where a larger sofa sleeper may look better. We also offer split king.

King Mattress