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      You must get a queen sleeper sofa if you are dealing with three problems:

      You have to host one or two quests often and find it challenging to find the right furniture.

      You moved to a tiny apartment or a space-constrained place where having a normal-sized bed is difficult.

      Sometimes, you must sleep on the living room sofa rather than a bed. In that situation, a sleeper sofa can help.

      If you are dealing with either of the situations, then get a queen sleeper sofa. Because it has dual functionality and, most importantly, is designed not to take up more space.

      The queen sleeper sofa's luxurious exterior is covered with cushions that perfectly balance support and softness. At the same time, the pull-out queen sleeper sofa bed can even accommodate tall people.

      Overall, the queen sleeper sofa is the perfect choice for any occasion. You will easily find a broad range of queen sleeper sofa options at Sofabed, including different styles, sizes, materials, and colors. This means you can find the ideal one to match your home décor and meet your needs.


      Queen Sleeper Sofa FAQs

      1. What is a queen sofa sleeper?

      A queen sofa sleeper or queen-size sleeper sofa can be referred to as a furniture chameleon. It's basically a sofa that can be converted into a bed. Thanks to its dual functionality. It hides a mattress inside it and functions like a regular sofa. When needed, you can convert it into a bed by pulling out a hidden mattress from within the sofa.


      2. What are the dimensions of a queen sofa sleeper?

      The dimensions of a queen sofa sleeper are 63.75 to 75.25 inches. So, here, the mattress width and length are 60–82 inches. If space is not an issue, you can get a queen sleeper sofa available in different styles and fabrics.


      3. How much does a queen sofa sleeper sofa weigh?

      On average, a queen sleeper sofa weighs about 180 lbs. Here, the steel used in the sleeper mechanism contributes to the weight. However, some premium queen sleeper sofas can even weigh up to 250 pounds since they use a wooden platform instead of steel.


      4. How much weight can a queen sleeper sofa hold?

      A queen-size sofa can hold up to 600 pounds. But remember that the sleeping weight limit can vary depending on the size, model, and manufacturer.


      5. How long does a queen sofa sleeper last?

      There is no rule of thumb on how many years a queen sofa sleeper will last because there are multiple variables to consider.

      However, on average, a queen sofa sleeper can last for at least 10 to 15 years if cared for and maintained properly. If you ask how to find the best bet, check if the sleeper is rated well and comes from a reliable brand.

      To prolong its lifespan further,

      • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance.
      • Avoid exposing the sleeper sofa to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
      • Keep it hygienic and free from dust and debris.


      6. What materials are used to make a queen sleeper sofa?

      A sleeper sofa, in general, is made of various components, and each one is made up of a material. Its frame is made of steel or wood. The upholstery comes in various fabric and leather options.


      7. How do you convert a queen sleeper sofa into a bed?

      Follow the below-given steps to convert your queen sofa sleeper into a bed:

      1. Clear the area around the sofa because, when extending, it will obviously need extra space.
      2. Next, if you have extra pillows, remove them along with the cushions. Under the cushions, locate the metal handle or bar that has the bed enclosed inside.
      3. Grip it using both hands and pull it up and out at the same time. The bed frame folded inside will slide out.
      4. Set the base down and pull the folded mattress over.
      5. If necessary, pull the middle bar up slightly to see if the bed locks in place. And voila!

      To convert the queen sleeper sofa bed back into a sofa, simply reverse these steps.


      8. What are some popular brands that make queen sofa sleeper sofas?

      Some popular brands that offer queen sleeper sofas of the highest quality include Luonto, Gio Italia, Kathy Ireland, and Ashley.


      9. Why should you buy a queen sofa sleeper from

      You can save big when shopping at because we can deliver same-name brands and great-quality furniture at a lower price than other furniture retailers. How? Sofabed is an online store, which means we save money that we could spend on maintaining an offline store. These savings are passed on to you, our customers.


      10. What are the best sleeper sofa mattresses for queen sleeper sofas?

      Some of the sleeper sofa mattresses you can get for a comfortable sleep are memory foam, latex, air-coil, innerspring mattresses, and hybrid mattresses.

      But be very careful when selecting the best sleeper sofa mattress because not every mattress type fits every sofa. That said, we suggest you pick a memory foam mattress, as they can deliver the comfort you expect.


      11. Are queen sleeper sofas more expensive than regular sofas?

      Yes, a queen sleeper sofa is more expensive than regular sofas. But do you know that this piece of furniture is worth your money? Because it comes with a bed and can convert from a sofa to a bed within seconds. 

      Sounds exciting, right? So, instead of a normal sofa, this can also act as your bed, and you don’t have to drag yourself to your bedroom to get a good night's sleep.  In particular, if dealing with space constraints has been a headache, this is your bet.


      12. How long does a queen sofa sleeper last?

      There is no rule of thumb on how many years a queen sofa sleeper will last because there are multiple variables to consider.

      However, on average, a queen sofa sleeper can last for at least 10 to 15 years if cared for and maintained properly. If you ask how to find the best bet, check if the sleeper is rated well and comes from a reliable brand.


      13. What styles are available for queen-size sofas?

      Queen sleeper sofas come in different styles, including contemporary, transitional, traditional, and rustic styles.


      14. Are you confused about what style of queen sleeper sofa to choose?

      Let's give you a quick recap:

      • Do you love a sleek, neat, simple, yet elegant kind of look? Choose a contemporary style, especially if you have a modern interior.
      • Wood has a unique color and texture. So, if you want a woody feel, rustic style will be your bet.
      • Transitional styles mix traditional and modern design well to create a magical style that can fit into any decor style.
      • The traditional queen sleeper sofa is still preferred by many, and in fact, it's kind of trending these days. It comes with rolled arms, wooden feet, and tufted upholstery, providing a classic look.


      15. Which queen sleeper sofa brand has the best warranty?

      It is difficult to determine which brand has the best warranty for queen sleeper sofas as warranties can vary greatly from brand to brand and even from model to model within a brand. It is important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty before making a purchase.

      Some brands that offer extended warranties or have a reputation for good customer service and warranty coverage include Luonto, Klaussner, La-Z-Boy, Ashley Furniture, and Digio Leather. You can find their exclusive collections at

      16. Who is selling the best queen-size sleeper sofa online?

      You can find the best queen sleeper sofas at affordable prices with extended warranties at the Sofabed online store. We strongly believe and stand for service over sales, honor over hustle, and, importantly, people over profits.

      17. Can you put a memory foam mattress on a queen-size sleeper sofa?

      It is possible to put a memory foam mattress on a queen-size sleeper sofa. But double-check if the sleeper sofa is sturdy and can support the mattress's weight.

      18. Is Ashley's queen sleeper sofa worth it?

      Yes, the Ashley queen sleeper sofa is worth it because many customers have thrown positive comments that this brand’s queen sleeper sofas are comfortable to sleep in and easy to handle. 

      Since the company has a long history, with its first entry marking in 1945, you can trust it. It isn’t easy for any brand to survive the market these days and become one of the US’s best-selling brands. 


      19. What are the special features a queen-size sleeper sofa comes with?

      Some features that a queen sleeper sofa comes with are single motion, dual motion, easy open function, and storage features.


      20. Why does a queen sleeper sofa come with a chaise?

      It's not a new story that a queen sleeper sofa with a chaise is a versatile piece of furniture. But the chaise or extended section present in the sleeper sofa provides additional seating space and can also be used as a footrest or reclining area. This one can also be an ideal choice for small spaces or multi-purpose rooms.