Top Quality Standards

High Standards and Premium Quality

Quality has been at the forefront of our business since its establishment by our grandfather, Pentti. It is our driving force and our passion. Implementing a Quality Standard has been crucial in maintaining our high standards for every product we create, build, and deliver.

Our brand embodies the quality standard and delivers it in every aspect of our process, from design to material selection, production, finishing, packaging, and delivery. Each piece of furniture goes through rigorous testing to ensure it meets our stringent standards at every stage of production.

We prioritize valuing the hard work and skill of everyone involved in our production process by fostering a culture of excellence. To do this, we offer performance-based incentives that reward quality over quantity. This approach enhances our team's focus on details and promotes occupational wellness, while unifying everyone behind our vision of delivering high-quality furniture at fair prices, with consistent standards.

To summarize, Luonto is a family-owned furniture brand known for producing premium quality furniture with skilled artisans. The company places a strong emphasis on quality and has implemented a Quality Standard to maintain high standards throughout the production process.

Certifications and Labels

On Solid Wood

Protecting forests by promoting sustainable forest management to ensure forests will be around for generations to come.

On Plywood

Ensures forests are managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and improves lives of local people and economics.

All Cushion Foam

Voluntary testing analysis for environment, health and safety. Specifies substances that cannot be used and sets limits for others. 


A standard and testing that helps consumers and companies make decisions that safeguard and maximize consumer safety.  


A E.U. regulation to improve the protection of human and environmental health from the danger chemicals can pose

Performance Fabric

An advanced fabric technology that protects every fiber with an invisible molecular layer and  prevents stains. Clean with water.

All AquaClean

AquaClean has all the Performance without any of the harmful PFCs. Ensuring safety for both you and your new sofa.

All AquaClean

A property of the AquaClean technology is Safe Front. The same stain barrier protects against viruses and bacteria.