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If you are seeking a sleeper sofa for your tiny apartment or home, check out the chair or cot-size sleepers. They measure around 30 to 36 inches in width and 72 to 75 inches in... If you are seeking a sleeper sofa for your tiny apartment or home, check out the chair or cot-size sleepers. They measure around 30 to 36 inches in width and 72 to 75 inches in length. Cot-sized sleepers are designed to provide a sleeping arrangement similar to a cot and are perfect for those who require a compact yet comfortable bed solution. They open up to a bed size similar to a Twin bed, allowing for a cozy sleeping space while optimizing the available floor area. Despite their smaller size, cot-size sleepers still offer the convenience of transforming into a seating option. When needed, you can change the chair or loveseat into a bed. At Sofabed, you can find cot-size sleepers in various styles, designs, and upholstery to match your preferences and existing decor. The best part of purchasing here is that you get cot-size sleepers at competitive pricing. These advantages make a reliable and appealing option when searching for a chair-size sleeper sofa. Read More
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      Have you ever heard of a chair-sleeper sofa? A sleeper sofa or sofa bed is something that everyone knows. But what's the thing about a cot-size sleeper chair?

      A chair that comes with a built-in mattress is called a chair sleeper sofa or cot-size sleeper sofa. The cot size refers to the size of the mattress.

      Whether you call it a chair sofa sleeper, chair sleeper sofa, chair sleeper, or even just a sofa chair sleeper, it's all the same magic. So, if you are all about maximizing your living space or having space constraints without compromising style, the chair sleeper sofa is your new best friend.

      Below, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Scroll down to learn more about cot-size sleepers and make an informed shopping decision if you buy one.

      Chairs & Cot Sleepers FAQs


      1. What Is A Cot-Size Sleeper?

      A cot-size sleeper sofa is usually a chair-size sleeper sofa. Here, the cot size points out the mattress size. This type is a bit larger than a single bed. However, it can still let a single person sleep comfortably.

      2. Do Cot-Size Sleepers Suit Small Spaces?

      Yes. As a matter of fact, these sleepers are ideally made for small spaces due to their compact dimensions. So, it easily fits into small spaces like apartments, studios, or guest rooms. If you are a single person who needs a comfortable sleeping solution that doesn't take up too much room, a cot-size sleeper is the best.

      3. Are Cot-Size Sleepers Different From Regular Beds?

      Yes, cot-size sleepers are different from regular beds. The main difference that lingers between them is their size and functionality. Cot-size sleepers look like narrower and shorter chairs and come with a mattress that can be pulled out if you want to sleep.

      So, these foldable or convertible designs make them a practical choice for tight spaces.
      On the other hand, you know what a regular bed looks like. They usually come in different sizes, but they can often accommodate two people comfortably.

      4. Can I Customize The Design Of A Cot-Size Sleeper?

      Well, this depends on the brand and the retailer. Customization is all about choosing upholstery, colors, or extra features. But sometimes, the extent of customization might be more limited for cot-sized sleepers compared to larger furniture.

      Because not all brands offer customization options, it's better to ask your retailers while shopping for one.

      5. Where Can I Purchase Cot-Size Sleepers, And What Is The Price Range?

      You can buy a cot-size sleeper chair from top furniture stores or online retailers like Sofabed that focus on selling space-saving solutions. The Luonto brand offers cot-size sofa sleepers in diverse styles and colors, with prices beginning at $1500. Chairs and sofa beds are more budget-friendly than larger beds.

      6. Are Cot-Size Sleepers Portable?

      Yes, cot-size sleepers are portable by nature. In fact, cot-size sleepers are mainly designed with portability in mind. They are lightweight and easy to move around. This makes them super easy and convenient for different living arrangements or if you need a mobile sleeping solution.

      7. Is A Cot-Size Sleeper Suitable For Adults Or Just For Children?

      Though cot-size sleepers are made for adults, they are commonly preferred for kids or used as temporary sleeper solutions for guests.

      Imagine a chair that can quickly change into a sleeper sofa and accommodate a person well. If you are shopping for one, ensure it meets your comfort preferences and specific needs.

      8. How Do I Clean And Maintain A Cot-Size Sleeper?

      Maintaining a cot-size sleeper is important to keep it in good shape.

      • Vacuum your cot-size sleeper regularly. Use a soft brush attachment to clean dust and dirt.
      • If any spills or stains happen, blot that area with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel. Strictly don't rub anything, as it may spread the stain. Consider using a gentle cleaning solution for the specific upholstery material.
      • If the cot-size sleeper has removable and washable covers, remove and hand wash them or use a washing machine. For non-removable upholstery, consider using an upholstery cleaning machine.
      • Don't use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners if you don't want to ruin the upholstery. Stick to mild, water-based solutions that are safe for the material.