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Are you on a budget but still want to get your hands on quality furniture? Then, check out Ashley's furniture collections. Ashley Furniture is known for providing affordable options without compromising a tad bit on... Are you on a budget but still want to get your hands on quality furniture? Then, check out Ashley's furniture collections. Ashley Furniture is known for providing affordable options without compromising a tad bit on quality. Their sofa collections are available for different budgets. This affordability makes Ashley sofas an attractive choice for those seeking quality furniture without breaking the bank. It manufactures a wide range of furniture types, including living room, bedroom, and dining room collections. This brand offers a limited lifetime warranty applied to all frames used not just in sleeper sofas and sofa beds but also to upholstered chairs, ottomans, and sectionals. So, why wait? Get the furniture for your home from Ashley at, which is the best online destination for furniture. Read More
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      Does Ashley Furniture have good-quality furniture? Is it worth investing in one? How long has Ashley Furniture been in the furniture industry? are some of the questions that you must have searched the internet before making a purchase.

      First, let's learn about its history.

      With the belief that furniture could be made better, Ashley Furniture was founded in 1945. Initially, it was known as Arcadia Furniture. In 1982, Arcadia Furniture and Ashley Furniture Corporation merged into one company called Ashley Furniture Industries.

      The first Ashley store was opened in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1997. In 2000, this company opened its first international store in Aichi, Japan. Since then, the growth has always seen an upward trend. In 2007, Ashley became the No. 1 furniture and bedding retailer in the US, surpassing Walmart.

      In 2017, Ashley reached 700 retail stores and was named one of America's best large employers. Two years later, the count increased to 1,000. In 2020, Ashley Furniture Industries celebrated its 75th industry.

      In short, Ashley Furniture has had a strong history, taking one step at a time to hold such a massive position today. Continue scrolling through this page to learn more about Ashley Furniture and what it has to offer its customers.


      1. What is Ashley Furniture?

      Ashley Furniture is a well-known furniture brand with headquarters in Arcadia, Wisconsin. It manufactures different furniture types in the USA and distributes them worldwide. Be it living room, bedroom, or dining room furniture, you can easily find amazing collections here. What makes this brand stand out is that every piece of furniture is built better and has an unbeatable price tag.

      2. Why is Ashley Furniture popular?

      Ashley Furniture has become a popular brand worldwide due to its exceptional personalized services. The brand helps customers design their dream homes with its unique services, including virtual reality and one-of-a-kind furniture, all while maintaining affordable prices. The interesting part is that you can send your room dimensions to the nearest store, and they will send you a virtual room design with Ashley's furniture placed in it. If you love the plan, you can order the same. This feature enables customers to get an idea of how their room will look before they invest in a piece of furniture. Also, Ashley Furniture keeps customers updated on the latest trends by changing their entire collection every three months. So, you find trending and appealing collections often.

      3. How long should an Ashley sofa last?

      YAshley's sofas are expected to last at least 12 to 15 years, making them a worthwhile investment. Because the average lifespan of a sofa is between 7 and 15 years, this brand guarantees a minimum of 12 years, which is impressive. However, if you want your Ashley sofa to serve you for many years, clean and maintain it regularly.

      4. What is the kind of finish on Ashley Furniture?

      Ashley's furniture products are coated with lacquer paint made from nitrifying cotton. It's a natural material that helps keep the furniture in good shape for years to come. Also, Ashley applies antique processing to its furniture, especially for wooden products. Since wood can have scratches and wormholes in the future, this processing is done.

      5. What are Ashley furniture sofas made of?

      Ashley Furniture sofas are made of different combinations of materials that include wood or steel frames, high-density foam cushions with various foam types, and a wide range of upholstery fabrics. The wood frames provide structural support and durability, and the high-density foam cushions offer comfort and resilience. The upholstery fabrics used can vary, ranging from synthetic to genuine leather. This solely depends on the specific model and style of the sofa. Overall, Ashley Furniture strives to use quality materials to ensure their sofas are both comfortable and long-lasting.

      6. How do you know if an Ashley furniture sofa bed is durable?

      To ensure the quality of its products, Ashley Furniture brand conducts rigorous testing through a network of labs. These tests include pressure testing for durability and evaluating upholstery fabrics for stain resistance, damage, and wear. These tests ensure that Ashley Furniture pieces can withstand the challenges of everyday use that includes the activities of kids and pets in your home. By investing in Ashley Furniture, you can make a confident decision knowing that you are getting furniture that is built to last and we bet that you won't regret the decision.

      7. Is Ashley Furniture a brand name?

      Yes, Ashley Furniture is a brand name. Ashley Furniture was founded in 1945 and was known as Arcadia Furniture in the beginning. Then, in 1982, Arcadia Furniture and Ashley Furniture Corporation merged into one company, which was named Ashley Furniture Industries.

      8. Why does Ashley Furniture remain superior in terms of quality?

      Ashley Furniture is known for its durable furniture because every piece of furniture is tested via a network of labs using different techniques to ensure the end product meets the national quality standards and lasts a long time. One of the important tests done here is pressure testing, which vouches for durability. The upholstery fabrics are tested for stain resistance, damage, and wear. So, you can rest assured that the furniture will stand strong for many more years.

      9. Why is Ashley so expensive?

      Firstly, Ashley Furniture products aren't expensive. This brand offers a wide range of products at different price points, making it suitable for various budgets. Overall, Ashley Furniture strives to provide a balance between quality and affordability, offering options for customers with different budgetary considerations.

      10. What is Ashley Furniture's competitive advantage?

      The pricing model of Ashley Furniture gives it a competitive advantage over other brands. Besides this factor, extensive product selection and manufacturing, quality assurance, innovation, and design make Ashley stand out among its competitors.

      11. Does Ashley Furniture offer any warranty or guarantee for their sleeper sofas and sofa beds?

      Yes, Ashley Furniture offers a limited lifetime warranty applied to all frames used not just in sleeper sofas and sofa beds but also to upholstered chairs, ottomans, and sectionals. It offers a 5-year limited warranty for springs and recliner mechanisms; a 3-year limited warranty for sleeper mechanisms; a 1-year limited warranty for cushioning, upholstered fabric, finishes, and all other furniture products; and a 3-year limited warranty for the sleeper mattress.

      12. Is the mattress of an Ashley sofa bed suitable for everyday use?

      This heavily depends on the specific model and design. While Ashley Furniture offers a variety of sofa beds with different mattress options, it's essential to consider factors such as mattress thickness, material, and overall comfort level.

      13.Does Ashley have a queen sleeper sofa?

      Yes, Ashley Furniture offers queen sleeper sofas as part of their product lineup. Queen sleeper sofas are versatile furniture pieces that serve as both comfortable seating during the day and a convenient sleeping space at night. You can also find sleeper sofas in different sizes, including king-size, full XL, and small sizes.

      14. Are there any additional features available in Ashley sleeper sofas?

      Yes, Ashley Furniture offers sleeper sofas with extensive features to enhance comfort and functionality. Some of the additional features you can find in Ashley sleeper couches include reclining mechanisms, USB ports and power outlets, adjustable headrests, cup holders, and storage compartments.

      15.Are there different styles or designs available for sleeper sofas?

      Some common types of sofas and loveseats in terms of design are Chesterfield, English roll arm, Lawson, Tuxedo, track arm, camel back, sectional, reclining, and sleeper sofas. In general, sleeper sofas come in different styles, such as contemporary, traditional, transitional, and modern. The designs may vary in terms of upholstery materials, colors, patterns, and finishes.

      16. How do I convert an Ashley Furniture sleeper sofa into a bed?

      Most Ashley Furniture sleeper sofas have a simple mechanism for converting them into beds. Usually, you will need to remove the seat cushions, pull the handle or release mechanism, and then unfold the hidden mattress. The exact conversion process may vary depending on the specific model, so it's best to consult the sofa's instruction manual or contact the furniture retailer's customer support for detailed instructions.

      17. Can I choose the type of mattress for my sleeper sofa?

      Yes, you can choose the mattress type for your sleeper sofa based on your needs. Ashley Furniture typically offers different mattress options for its sleeper sofas. Common choices include innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or a combination of both. When selecting a sleeper sofa, you can often choose the type of mattress that suits your comfort preferences.

      18.What are the different furniture types that Ashley sells?

      Ashley Furniture is America's furniture and mattress retail brand that sells a wide range of home furnishings, including sofas, beds, dressers, dining room sets, home offices, accent chairs, and outdoor furniture.

      19. Is Ashley's Furniture eco-friendly?

      Yes, Ashley's Furniture is eco-friendly because it has committed to reducing the environmental impact through recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting, and a commitment to using sustainably harvested wood. In fact, Ashley Furniture has been recognized with a sustainability award from the National Wildlife Federation in 2021.