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Are you fighting the eternal struggle of finding a comfortable place for your guests to sit and sleep in a cozy cocoon? Buy a sectional sleeper sofa online at With a sectional sleeper sofa,... Are you fighting the eternal struggle of finding a comfortable place for your guests to sit and sleep in a cozy cocoon? Buy a sectional sleeper sofa online at With a sectional sleeper sofa, you're always prepared for unexpected sleepovers. And who needs a bed when you have a sectional sofa? You can transform it into the comfiest nest known to humankind. Since sectional sleeper sofas are modular, you can configure the sections to fit your room layout perfectly. Whether you dwell in a small apartment or a spacious living area, a sectional sleeper sofa maximizes your space. You will pick a sectional sleeper sofa from the extensive selection of products. With only a few clicks, you can compare different options, read customer reviews, and make an informed decision. Visit the Sofabed furniture store today. Read More
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      Are you in the market for a new sofa that can also double as a comfortable bed for overnight guests? Look no further than the sectional sleeper sofa!

      One of the main advantages of a sectional sofa is its versatility. With a sectional sofa, you can create a seating arrangement that perfectly fits your room and accommodates your family and guests.

      Now, when you add a sleeper component to the sectional, that's what a sectional sleeper sofa is. This is why it can be easily referred to as the Swiss Army knife of furniture because it provides both seating and sleeping options. Hosting your guests has been made easy. 

      With a modular design, you can easily reconfigure the sectional's individual pieces to create different seating arrangements. At night, the sleeper mechanism can be turned on, and you can enjoy a perfect sleep on the pull-out bed.

      Below, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about sectional sofa sleepers. Keep reading to clear up all your doubts about this ultimate space-saver piece of furniture.



      1. What is a sectional sleeper sofa?

      A sectional sleeper sofa is a piece of furniture that is a combination of a sectional sofa and a pull-out bed. In general, a sectional sofa consists of two or more connected seating sections that can be arranged in different configurations based on an individual's needs.

      Now a sleeper component is added to this sectional so as to create a comfortable sleeping sectional. These days, you can also find sectional sleeper sofas with storage.


      2. How do I choose the right size sectional sleeper sofa for my space?

      Buying a sectional sleeper sofa to maximize your comfort can be exciting as long as it fits your space perfectly. Imagine that the two-piece sectional sleeper sofa is super cozy, but you aren't able to move around it. This is why measuring the space before you invest in one is crucial.

      Here are the things to remember while choosing a modern sleeper sectional for your home:

      1. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the sectional sofa doesn't occupy the entire length of a wall and that there are at least 18 inches of space on each side of the sofa. This gives you ample space to roam around.
      2. If you are planning for a sectional sleeper with a chaise, ensure that the long chaise portion doesn't extend more than halfway across the room.
      3. Finding a sofa that fits the shape of your living room, guest room, or wherever you have decided to place it is not a cup of coffee. If your home has open floor plans, there'll be no issues. But if it has architectural features such as fireplaces, windows, or built-in shelving, consider the space while measuring.
      4. Next, check the traffic flow. For this, measure the sofa for width, depth, and height. You must have at least 30 to 36 inches of walkway between all furniture pieces and 3 to 5 inches between your sofa and the wall.

      Finally, tape the area you have marked on the floor and measure it. Though it is unlikely to find a sectional sleeper sofa to fit your exact measurements, at least it will help you set general guidelines for the sectional size that is best for your room.


      3. What are the benefits of a sectional sleeper sofa over a traditional sofa?

      A sectional sleeper sofa answers all your hosting woes, offering a comfortable and convenient place for guests to sleep. With a clever combination of form and function, you can enjoy this piece of furniture as a sofa during the day and sleep peacefully during the night.

      If you have space constraints in your personal space and need a versatile furniture piece that can easily serve both as a sofa and a bed, a sectional sleeper sofa is the best.

      Whereas a traditional sofa is also comfortable and is primarily preferred by anyone who needs seating for everyday use and doesn't want to use it for sleeping purposes.


      4. Are sectional sleeper sofas comfortable for sleeping?

      Yes, the best sleeper sectional made of good-quality materials is comfortable for sleeping. This comfort factor can be influenced by the quality of the mattresses used. For instance, some models come with high-quality memory foam mattresses that provide a supportive sleeping surface.

      Next, the frame and support structure of the sectional can affect the comfort level. A sturdy frame can provide ample support for the mattress, making it more comfortable to sleep on. 

      Lastly, an individual's personal preferences and sleeping habits can impact their comfort level. So before investing in the modular sleeper sofa, ensure it fits all your needs in terms of comfort.

      5. Can I use my existing bedding on a sectional sleeper sofa, or do I need special bedding?

      A sectional sleeper sofa comes with a built-in, thick mattress in most cases. The mattresses are the same size as a standard bed.

      If the mattress is thin, in that case, you can add extra bedding such as blankets, comforters, and sheets designed to fit that size of the mattress. Before purchasing bedding for your sectional sleeper sofa, it's a good idea to measure the mattress to ensure you get the right size.

      If your existing bedding fits the sectional sleeper sofa, you can use that as well.


      6. Can I choose the type of mattress for my sectional sleeper sofa?

      It depends on the manufacturer and the retailer from whom you buy the sectional sleeper sofa. Some manufacturers offer a range of mattress options. Also, the availability of different mattresses can change based on the specific model and manufacturer. It's always best to check with the seller or manufacturer to see what options are available.

      At, all our sectional sleeper sofas come with mattress options as offered by the manufacturer.


      7. How many people can comfortably sleep on a sectional sleeper sofa?

      One or two people can comfortably sleep on a sectional sleeper sofa. But this mainly depends on the size of the mattress and the sofa.

      A larger sleeper sectional with a larger sleeper mattress may be able to comfortably accommodate more people. On the other hand, a smaller sectional with a smaller mattress may be better suited for one or two people.