Tips For Choosing The Right Size Sleeper Sofa For Your Home

Tips For Choosing The Right Size Sleeper Sofa For Your Home

Looking for a sleeper sofa for your home? or Confused about how to choose the right one?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Scroll through the article to learn all the tips for choosing the right size sleeper sofa for your home, which will not just fit right but also pop out colors and give an entirely new look that you’ve been dreaming of.

One might take the tips in a light manner or even consider them optional at times, but these tips are what make your buying more effective and efficient.

So, not just will this article help you choose the right size of sleeper sofa for your home, but it will also help you be a wise buyer and save money at the same time. So, it's worth reading the entire article, isn’t it?

How To Choose The Right Size Sleeper Sofa For Your Home

Measure The Dimensions

Measure the dimensions

The very first step is to measure the dimensions of the place where you are planning to place your sofa. So, firstly, measure it and make a note of it, because that is how you’ll be able to decide.

Now talking about the length of different sleeper sofas that are available, the ones between 87 inches and 100 inches are good enough for seating as well as bedding up to three people. Make sure you do not mess up the dimensions because you definitely do not want a sleeper sofa that doesn’t fit in well.

Two-Third Rule

Two-Third Rule

Talking about dimensions only, the two-thirds rule is usually used by people when they are looking for a sleeper sofa. As per the rule, the perfect sleeper sofa sizes at two-thirds of the total wall length, which makes the entire room look gorgeous as well as give enough space for sleeping.

Now, if you want a little extra space for seating too, then for sure do not go for a sleeper sofa that sizes more than two-thirds of the wall length because that would turn the entire room disproportionate, and you do not want to compromise on the look.

Deciding Purpose

Deciding purpose

When deciding upon the right size for your sleeper sofa, purpose does play an important role here. You need to decide if the sleeper sofa you’re looking for is primarily for a family or a couple, is it the main sofa or just a backup one, where it is going to be placed, is it in the drawing room or is it a side sofa for your or your kid's room, will you be using footstools or do you want it to be open the entire time while you sit?

Now, all these factors play a huge role because when it comes to socializing, sofas or chairs that are placed opposite provide a better area, which means you would have a lesser place to keep the sleeper sofa.

But if you are going to use it for your cuddly nights or movie night where a TV is placed in the front, then basically you have a larger space compared to social meetings, and as per that, you’ll have to figure out what size of sleeper sofa fits best.

The Guest Factor

The guest factor

You must have an idea as to which guests are going to visit often and when your sleeper sofa matters the most; as per that, you will need to figure out how many people are visiting your house.

If there are up to three people that will be sharing the sleeper sofa, then it is highly advised to go ahead with the queen-size sofa sleepers or the full-size sofa sleepers.

If there is usually just one guest visiting your place, then consider twin-size mattresses for your sleeper sofa, which is even better if you have a smaller space available in your house for a new sleeper sofa.

The Sleeper Sectional: This particular sleeper sofa is best when it comes to having a huge-sized sleeper sofa, as it can easily fit up to three to four people on it. It has a queen pullout couch experience along with an entire chaise where, apart from the initial two people, an additional two people can easily fit in too.

Just make sure that you do not forget about your home's dimensions in the process of finding a good sleeper sofa that can sleep more people.

Budgeting The Sleeper Sofa

Budgeting the sleeper sofa

It is quite obvious that if you go for a bigger sleeper sofa, you are definitely going to pay a higher price, but at the same time, you need to budget it and keep your shopping in check, which again includes keeping the size of the sleeper sofa in check.

Now, if you are on a low budget, the right size should also not hurt your pocket at the same time, so go for smaller sizes like chair pullout beds, which is a good option if it's mostly a single person who is going to be using that sofa sleeper, but if there is a couple, the next best choice is the twin sleeper sofa, which is good enough for two and also doesn’t hurt your pocket or your space a lot, so a win-win.

The Color And Style View

The color and style view

The color and style even though they wouldn’t matter a lot when it comes to the right size for the sleeper sofa, when you view the sleeper sofa, both factors do matter a lot since the color, as well as the size, change the vibe and perception of the entire room.

If you want your room to look more spacious and of a larger size, along with being classier, then lighter tones and sleeker designs should be your go-to options. In contrast, if you are looking for a mysterious and cozier look and you do not mind your room looking smaller, then darker colors and bouncier sofas are your things.

So, when finding the right size sofa sleeper, make sure you think through what you expect out of your room's aesthetic as well as which sleeper sofa would go best with your sweet home.

Which Sleeper Sofa Fits Best For You?

Which Sleeper Sofa Fits Best for YouNow that you know how to decide which is the right size for your sleeper sofa, the best part is that almost all the sleeper sofas somehow overlap in size, giving you a variety of sizes to select from.

Since the dimensions usually overlap, if you do not find the perfect size in one type of sleeper sofa, you can just skip to the next one or the previous one in the list, and there is a high chance that you will find the perfect one there.

Basically, there are 8 sizes available, which are, chair (cot); loveseat (twin); full; queen; king; chaise sectional; true sectional; and ottoman and their dimensions are mentioned below.


Now that you have gone through the major tips that can help you decide the right size for your sleeper sofa, you should definitely start jotting things down and pondering things up so you do not mess it up even a single bit and find the perfect sleeper sofa for your house that gives your home just the touch you want and even extra bedding at efficient costs.