How To Clean Your Sectional Sofa Of Any Shape?

How To Clean Your Sectional Sofa Of Any Shape?


  1. Personalize Your Cleaning Method Based On The Shape Of Your Sectional
  2. Follow The Manufacturer's Instructions
  3. How To Clean A Fabric Or Leather Sectional Sofa?
  4. Deodorize The Sectional Sofa
  5. Clean The Cushions
  6. Pet-Proofing Your Sectional Holds Huge Importance
  7. Post-Cleaning The Sectional Sofa - Must Follow
  8. Wrapping Up

Is your sectional sofa starting to look dull or smelly? Are you looking to clean your sectional sofa? Great! A clean and fresh sofa can make a world of difference in your living space's overall appearance and comfort.

Whether you want to tackle routine cleaning and maintenance, address specific stains and odors, get rid of pet hair, or simply refresh the overall look of your sectional poses, we are here to guide you through the process. Let's get your sectional sofa looking spick and span!

1. Personalize Your Cleaning Method Based On The Shape Of Your Sectional

Cleaning a sectional is different from a sofa. This is because sectional sofas come in different shapes, and you must do a personalized cleaning for each type.

L-Shaped Sectional:

L-shaped Sectionals

When cleaning an L-shaped sectional, pay attention to the corners where the two sections meet.

U-Shaped Sectional:

U-shaped sectionals

Cleaning a U-shaped sectional may require additional effort due to the larger surface area.

Modular Sectional:

Modular Sectionals

Cleaning modular sectionals requires attention to detail, as you may need to clean each module separately. Detach the individual modules and clean them according to the manufacturer's instructions for each piece.

Curved Sectional:

Curved Sectional

Cleaning a curved sectional involves paying attention to the curves and corners to remove dirt and debris.

    2. Follow The Manufacturer's Instructions

    When the thought of cleaning your sectional sofa pops up, you must first check the manufacturer's instructions. No matter if this is the first time cleaning or the usual routine.

    Because, at times, we tend to forget how to handle the sectional's fabric and create a fuss in the end.

    Different types of sectional sofas are made from various fabrics, such as microfiber, leather, cotton, linen, or synthetic blends. Each fabric has its own cleaning requirements and may react differently to certain cleaning agents or methods.

    How To Clean A Fabric Or Leather Sectional Sofa?

    How To Clean A Fabric Or Leather Sectional Sofa

    When it comes to cleaning the sectionals, the upholstery material must be handled with extra care. Because they are the face of the furniture, and even a little damage can spoil its aesthetics.

    For leather sectional sofa:

    • Try using a soft brush attachment or simply a microfiber cloth to remove the loose dirt, dust, or debris.
    • To remove stains, dampen a cloth with water or a mild soap solution formulated for leather and wipe it gently on the leather surface.
    • To keep the leather material soft and supple, apply a leather conditioner following the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Conditioning helps maintain the leather's natural oils and prevent it from drying out and cracking.

    For fabric sectional sofas:

    • Vacuuming works the same here. But to avoid stains, spot-clean the area immediately, considering the fabric type.
    • If you want to deep clean, use a steam cleaner or hire a professional.
    • Consider using fabric protectors or stain repellents specifically designed for upholstery. These products create a barrier that helps repel stains and spills, making future cleaning easier. And don't forget to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning.
    • If your sectional sofa is still under warranty, failing to follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions could potentially void the warranty.

    Remember, the manufacturer's instructions are designed to provide the best care guidelines for your sectional sofa. If you want to reduce the risk of damage, follow them.

    3. Deodorize The Sectional Sofa


    Picture this, your sleeper sofa welcomes you with wide hands home after a long day at work, and you tiredly lounge on it only to realize it's smelly. Now you have to drag yourself to the bedroom.

    Avoid such situations by cleaning the sleeper regularly.

    Nobody would love to sit or sleep on a sleeper sofa that gives off unpleasant odors due to spills, pet dander, food particles, body oils, or general use.

    Deodorizing helps remove these odors, making your sofa smell fresh and clean and also creating a more pleasant atmosphere.

    Did you know that this process can also remove allergens? Yes, sleeper sofas or any sofa, in general, would harbor allergens, and deodorizing with baking soda can help absorb and neutralize these allergens. You can also get a good impression from your guests.

    4. Clean The Cushions

    Clean the Cushions

    This is an important element in cleaning the sectional sofa. Generally, by rotating and flipping the cushions, you distribute the weight and pressure evenly across all areas. Thus helping prevent one side of the cushion from wearing out more quickly than the others.

    But this process provides an opportunity to access the underside of the cushions, which often accumulates dust, dirt, and debris. Cleaning this area helps maintain overall cleanliness and hygiene.

    If the sectional sofa comes with removable cushions, well and good. Take them off and bathe them in the washing machine or manually. But be sure to obey the manufacturer's instructions on the tag.

    5. Pet-Proofing Your Sectional Holds Huge Importance

    Pet Proof

    If you have pet animals accompanying you while lounging on the sectional, cleaning your sectionals more often is highly recommended. Since these animals shed a lot of hair, dander, saliva, and other excretions and leave behind some odors, cleaning is necessary to avoid ruining your beautiful investment.

    Here are a few quick tips on how to clean a sectional that smells like a dog:

    Use a lint roller or a pet fur removal tool as needed to keep the surface clean. Don't forget to vacuum the sectional sofa regularly to prevent pet hair and debris from building up.

    If your pets have accidents or create stains on the sectional sofa, it's important to address them promptly. But make sure to use a pet-safe stain remover or a mixture of mild detergent and water to gently clean the affected area.

    What if your guests are coming, and your sofa has a nasty pet odor?

    In this case, consider using pet-safe odor-neutralizing sprays designed for upholstery. These sprays can help eliminate pet odors and leave a fresh scent without causing any harm to your sectional sofa.

    Brownie fact:

    Did you know that not all sectional upholstery materials suit pets?

    This is why choosing easy-to-clean fabrics will be best for your furry friends. Synthetic materials, such as leather or denim, are ideal since they are not only easier to clean but are likely to be the most durable options that can stand up to pet use.

    6. Post-Cleaning The Sectional Sofa - Must Follow

    • Allow the sofa to dry if you have used any water or cleaning solutions during the cleaning process.
    • Open windows or use fans to facilitate the drying process. And most importantly, avoid using it until it's completely dry.
    • Did you remove the cushions for cleaning? Then ensure to fluff and reshape them before placing them back in their place.
    • Lastly, keep your sectional sofa in good condition, and establish a regular cleaning routine.
    • Test any cleaning products or methods on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure they do not cause discoloration or damage.

    Wrapping Up

    Cleaning a sectional sofa is essential to maintaining its appearance and prolonging its lifespan. Following the proper cleaning steps, you can keep your sectional looking clean and fresh for years.

    With a little care and attention, your sectional sofa will stay beautiful and inviting, ready to provide convenience for you and your loved ones.