How To Choose The Perfect Sleeper Sofa Mattress?

How To Choose The Perfect Sleeper Sofa Mattress?

Whether it’s a party night, a tight space, or you just love sleeper sofa mattresses, regardless, one can agree that sleeper sofas are an amazing piece of furniture to have!

They are comfortable, pretty-looking, affordable, versatile, and whatnot. With time, even the designs and colors are becoming prettier than ever and attracting you a lot.

If you are planning to buy a sleeper sofa, this is the article you definitely need. Scroll through the article to learn how to choose the perfect sleeper sofa mattress, including the factors that will help you decide what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

So, what are you waiting for? Just scroll, and by the end, you will probably know the right method to choose the perfect sleeper sofa mattress.

Types Of Mattresses

Before jumping in and finding the perfect sleeper sofa mattress, let’s know what the basic types of mattresses are. There are basically two types of sleeper sofa mattresses that are used in the sleeper sofa, and they are:

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

When talking about memory foam mattresses, they are made of more durable visco-elastic foam. These high-quality memory foam mattresses provide more consistent support and even mold in a better way as per your body’s shape without hurting the look of the mattress as they snap back to their place easily. These mattresses are even more flexible, making them a great choice for adjustable beds and sleeper sofas.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring Mattress

The innerspring mattresses give a good amount of bounciness, leveling up your sofa side, but when it comes to good sleep, they might not be the best choice.

These innerspring mattresses have huge coils, but they are only comfortable when there are a lot of coils; in the sofa beds, there are way fewer, making it worse for your rest. These coils and springs help release stress and are more comfortable, but they are also expensive at the same time.

When these two mattresses are compared, on the one hand, the memory foam mattresses provide better support for sleep, but the inspiring mattresses provide a better bounce to the sofa.

The coils on inspiring mattresses feel comfortable for a bounce, but over time the look might end up getting affected due to suppressed coils, whereas the memory foam mattresses snap back to their place and hence hurt the look less.

Further, memory foam mattresses are usually preferred more because of their long-lasting, better, and more comfortable sleep and flexibility.

Before You Go Shopping

Now, before you go shopping, there are a few things that you would need to figure out to find the perfect sleeper sofa mattress for you. Here are the things listed for you to think about:

The Major Use Of Sofa Sleeper

The major use of sofa sleeper

You first need to figure out what would be the major use of this sofa sleeper—is it to be just a sofa or more of a sleeper, in which case you’ll have to prioritize comfort and bounce?

Sofa sleepers come midway between the sofa and beds, so it is a sure thing that you will need to adjust in one way or another. If it is going to be mostly used as a sofa, going ahead with an inspiring mattress is a better option, but if it’ll be leaned more towards sleeping, then going ahead with a memory foam mattress is a better option.

How Often Used

How often used

Now the next thing to consider is how often it is going to be used. As for some nights, it is fine to adjust and bear with the sofa sleeper.

But if you are going to be sleeping a lot more than average, then you need to spend on the sofa sleeper mattresses, which are more comfortable compared to the usual ones, which might be more leaned towards the look and bounce of the sofa sleeper mattress.

Current Living Situation

Current living situationAfter you have figured out the major use of the sofa sleeper and how often it will be used, figure out what type of sleeper sofa will be a good option.

Now, if you live in a little apartment or tend to move a lot, going ahead with a light, small, adjustable sleeper sofa could ease things out. 

Whereas if you live in a larger space, you can just go for a larger sofa sleeper mattress and worry less about the adjustable factors of the sofa sleepers and lean more towards the factors of color, suitability, aesthetics, comfort, etc.

A Guide To Buying The Perfect Sofa Sleeper Mattress

In deciding which sofa sleeper mattress is perfect for you, here are a few guidelines and steps that could help you figure it out a little better:

Measuring The Size

Measuring the size

It is important to measure the size of the sofa, the place where the sofa has to be kept, and even your body because a combination of these measurements will help you decide the desired size of the mattress that could be perfect for you.

Choosing The Type Of Sofa Sleeper Mattress

Choosing the type of sofa sleeper mattress

Just as we talked about earlier, it depends upon the major use and how often the sofa sleepers are used, One would be required to choose the type of sofa sleeper mattress: will it be the inspiring mattress or will it be the memory foam mattress?

Durability & Cost Of The Mattress

Durability and cost of the mattress

It is important to invest in the right place. So when buying the mattress, it is important for you to invest in the right sofa sleeper mattresses that are more durable and also in your budget.

Because you do not want to compromise on the quality over a few pennies as that would just make you buy a mattress more frequently, which is a far higher expense.

Online vs. Offline War

Online vs. Offline WarBuying a sleeper sofa mattress online can be an option since at times you get better deals online, but when talking about the mattresses, comfort plays a huge role, and it is advised that you choose one offline.

Buying a mattress offline gives you the advantage of touching and checking it out yourself to see which one is good, and usually the stores do offer discounts, but in case they aren’t that good, you can always decide in the offline store and look it up online.

Manufacturer vs. Retailer

Manufacturer vs. Retailer

The go-to place to shop is retailers, but especially in the case of sofa sleeper mattresses, buying from a manufacturer can be a good option. Firstly, the manufacturer can help you make a custom size perfect for your unique sofa bed. Secondly, you get to buy the same models at a lower price as the overall costs are lower with a manufacturer.



Warranties are important, so make sure you buy a sofa sleeper mattress with a warranty that covers full replacement costs, because spending on these mattresses isn’t a small cost, and you definitely do not want to spend extra in case of some misfortune.

Return Policy

Return Policy

Check for the return policy as well, since you can never know what the mattress actually feels like unless you try it for a few nights. If the company offers a return policy, it could help you save your pennies and just return the mattress if it is not suitable.

Check Reviews

Check Reviews

It is important to check the previous reviews since they give you a reality check about the mattresses and help you make better decisions.

Payments and Shipping

Payments and Shipping

Make sure that when you are buying from a store, especially in the case of online shopping, the particular store is reliable, with verified payment methods and shipping that is safe, quick, and also reliable, making the entire procedure a little extra hassle-free.

Additional Comfort

Now that you have chosen the perfect sofa sleeper mattress, do you know how we can make it even better? Let us show you what you can do to increase comfort, look, and efficiency.

  • Use good-quality pillows that are great for your head and neck.
  • Use protection pads that can keep your mattress safe from germs, bugs, and insects, and moreover, they are more easily washable.
  • Use quality sheets that can make the temperature better for your sleep. If it's summer, go ahead with light-colored sheets and thinner fabrics; if it's winter, go ahead with dark-colored sheets and thicker fabrics.

Mattress toppers are a great option if you do not want to compromise the look and bounce of the sofa sleeper since these increase comfort and are better for your body and a good night's sleep.


Now that the article has mentioned an entire guide to buying the perfect sleeper sofa mattress, it is your turn to go ahead and implement those strategies so you can get your desired sleeper sofa mattress without falling prey to random marketing strategies.

Make sure to give the entire procedure enough thought and research, as the mattress investment is huge and your good night's sleep depends upon it as well, which you shouldn’t take lightly, right?

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