How to decorate a small bedroom

Designing a small bedroom can be overwhelming and confusing at the same time. It needs to be thoughtfully planned as overdoing a room can make it look cramped, and opting for minimal interiors can result in your room looking pretty empty


1. How to decorate your small bedroom

        1) Opt for small print tiles/ flooring

        2) Decorating your small bedroom walls 

        3) Play around with the interior architecture

        4) Choosing the right bedroom furniture

        5) How to decorate your bedroom

2. Decorating small bedroom for a girl

3. Decorating small bedroom for a boy


1. Opt for small Print Tiles / Flooring

Small print tiles like a mosaic or intricate geometric patterns can make the small room look visually bigger, as the repetition of tiles is more. If you wish to go with wooden or stone flooring, again look for more condensed grains and patterns.

2. Decorating your small bedroom walls

Walls play a crucial role in any room's interior design, as that is the massive volume you see in the room, after flooring. Now, since we played patterns for the floor, make sure to keep your walls subtle. Use a light colour paint wall with your bedroom wall as a highlight wall with some accent colour wallpaper or painted wall with a combination of photo frames in a white, black or wooden framework. Keep in mind not to overdo the walls.

3. Play around with the interior architecture

If you have a choice to make minor changes in the interior architecture of the small bedroom like shifting of walls, doors positioning etc., keep one wall as a big window wall. This not only helps to keep the room well-lit with natural light and ventilated but also makes the room look bigger. In a small bedroom, wall space is precious, so you can go bold to place the bed beneath the window to create a natural focal point.

In case your small bedroom has awkward niches, corners, and nooks, get some built-in furniture! Use the crannies as a plus and stock up the furniture you need. Even though it might not seem like a usable place, a corner with a simple bench, and some cool art, a night lamp can add an interesting charm to the room.

4. Choosing the right bedroom furniture

Furniture should be smartly planned for small room décor. Firstly, while purchasing furniture, keep in mind the utility and functionality of the room. Is it for daily use? Is it to be used by the kid in the house? Or is it an additional bedroom for guests? Asking these questions will help you choose the right kind of furniture as per your needs and wants. 

For an everyday use bedroom, go head fora queen-size bed. Pick a bed with legs so that it doesn’t look very bulky. Resist pushing all of your furniture up against the walls. Leaving space behind the furniture, makes the room look wider. Add some light end tables, or a bedside table on one side and a floor lamp on the other sIde. Complete the room with a console for television and that’s all! Bring in more foldable pieces like chairs, and stools so that you can tuck them away when not in use.

For a kid’s bedroom, if the room height allows, you can go ahead with a bunker bed, 2 poster beds, or even a single bed (which is slightly smaller than queen-size). This gives you room to add in more functional bedroom furniture like a study table with a chair, television console or a chest of drawers, a dresser, etc. opt-in for light colour furniture, for the room to look less crowded in case your furniture pieces are more in number for the small bedroom décor.


For an occasional guest bedroom, do away with the idea of the bed and think of a sleeper sofa or a sectional sleeper sofa with a chaise. Choose a low-back sofa bed, to make your room height look visually more. The play of illusion works great in your favour while designing small bedroom interiors. Add an interesting coffee table, with some poufs or an accent armchair, a television console, and some side tables. The room works perfectly as a recreational space or guest entertaining area during the day. The sectional sleeper allows you to convert your sofa into a bed during the night. This is a great space-saving solution for small bedroom design ideas. Another alternative is to use a day bed! You can pull the daybed into a trundle bed for sleepovers. 



Decorating a small bedroom for a Girl

Don’t be sad, if you got the smallest room in the house as your bedroom. With a little strategic styling and smart space planning, you can make your room stylish enough to show off. 

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Just know, less is more!

A simple and soft colour theme with minimal style furniture is all you need. When choosing modern bedroom furniture, keep in mind to select low-height furniture only! In case you require additional sleeping space in the room, and a bunker bed is no solution due to height constraints, you can also think of a trundle. The little trundle bed tucks right back under the bed when not in use and offers a smart functional solution with the right aesthetics. 2 poster and 4 poster bed with tied-up curtains on the sides also gives a compact look to the girl’s bedroom. Do not miss out on rich wallpaper on highlight walls, soft furnishings with textiles, perfect lighting, and a small planter here and there with your perfectly proportioned furniture. You can customise your bedside lamps, and get all wacky with the curtains and throw blankets. Layer all the linen with plush materials, tons of throw pillows in neutral palette. This proves that you don’t need a big canvas for your perfect little nest!



Boys will be boys !

Symmetry is the keyword for the latest small bedroom décor ideas. The right proportions in the right size make all the difference

Decorating a small bedroom for boy

The bedroom is a very personal space and reflects one’s character and personality. If you have high walls, add cornices and details to make the ceiling even higher. Place your bed in the centre and combine your dressers and nightstands. You can also stay grounded and go to bed frameless. A bed without a headboard is a smart choice! Add light sconces on the wall on the sides of the bed headboard. One can also think of a sectional sofa sleeper, to bring in more room for other essential furniture pieces.

The catch is to use all available surface space by being resourceful. How about using the window sill as an interesting extended ledge? Or putting a stool instead of the bench at the need of the bed to put your shoes on or store a blanket? If you can fit only one piece of furniture in the room, ensure it offers a few functional benefits. Embrace the tininess of the bedroom space and make it a little cosier with a sheer curtain. Jazz up the space with wild and bold wallpapers, artworks, and cool collectibles to bring in the personality without taking up much space.

To sum up,

Designing small room spaces can be tricky! All you need is the right eye for detailing and space planning. Take inspiration, create mood boards, and work out the right colour scheme before jumping to the execution. There are so many small bedrooms design ideas that allow for extra storage space as well as a place to display décor and art. Maybe it's wise to say there is no bedroom without a bed, but what’s the harm in trying the uncommon? The sectional sofa sleeper brings in a fresh mindset while catering to both functional and aesthetical requirements of the room. It's all about using strategic furniture that doesn’t make the room feel too cramped.


The right proportions in bedroom furniture are enough to slide over the radiator without taking up literal or visual space in the tiny bedroom. Do not forget to have fun with colours, shapes, patterns, textiles, and prints, and pay close attention to scale. It's okay to leave the walls plain and boring white when you can add a touch of intrigue through furnishings and interior detailing. Be it clever storage solutions or multifunctional furniture, small bedroom décor ideas can breathe new life into your compact spaces.